New Film Group


Who We Are


N  F G  is a top, mid-range, content provider that creates and delivers content, which fills the supply and demand gap with an eye on the bottom line, producing a consistent profit margin with excellent financial returns for investors.


Analytics Based Content


N F G production meets the needs of new streaming content distribution and suppliers. New delivery systems based on Internet, mobile media, as well as other forms of personal content delivery like augmented and virtual reality are changing quickly with advancing technology. Now, it’s all about generating well-produced, low cost original content that is available on demand, something traditional models are struggling to fulfill. This equates to a lack of supply to fulfill today’s audience demands for new daily, high quality, content streaming.



WILDERNESS - A Civil War story from the other side. Directed by Richard De Witt, C, TMP, 2017 All Rights Reserved New Film Group, LLC

Projects & Feature Films

Wilderness follows a confederate soldier during the battle of the Wilderness in the American Civil War.  At the Battle of the Wilderness, a war-hardened, North Carolina Confederate soldier makes a fateful decision in the heat of battle that sends him on a journey home through a parallel wilderness. 



Our Approach

N F G realizes the current day supply and demand challenge and has structured our content creation company to meet the challenges of this novel and ever-changing market. We have identified multiple paradigm shifts from which we created strategies to take advantage of new analytics, efficiencies, and incentives concerning production, scheduling, developing high quality crew and creative teams, executing pre-and-post marketing, and negotiating distribution.


Analytics - A New era of crowd sourcing

By creating our own process of aggregation of sources and data trending that combines different methods of audience data gathering, all of which are available for free to the public, N F G can gather useful data for sales and marketing of the films and media that we produce. Our team has a strong history of using modern data analytic tools to help inform our decision making about projects and business choices and will continue to build and expand new analytics models as our company and partnerships experience future growth.

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Identifying incentives

Our hybrid approach to production management leverages audience analytics along side state tax incentives, new sources of talent, and technolgoical advances to reduce real costs, making budgets more efficent and more likely to net stronger returns.  


sourcing new talent

N F G  has a history of making efforts toward college and university institutions to create opportunities for advanced students in humanities, business, science, and art departments. Over several years, NFG partners served as research faculty and helped to develop film festival opportunities, distribution and social media software platforms, funding opportunities, as well as internships for students from various academic institutions.